I am Rosie Waygood, MSc Ost., M.Ost, a registered Osteopath in Oxford. As a family osteopath, I treat across age and background, including children and babies, using a safe, gentle & effective treatment approach. The aim of treatments is to help alleviate pain and discomfort and enable more free flowing movement in the body. You can find my clinic in Iffley Fields, which offers a warm & relaxing environment, where you can feel supported through diagnosis, hands-on treatments and advice.

Treatment sessions are:

45 minutes to one hour

£60 for adults and £55 for babies and children.

Osteopaths are highly skilled, regulated professionals, who do medical screenings and thereafter take a holistic approach to help remove restrictions in the body using gentle techniques, massage and manipulations.

Rosie Waygood, MSc Ost., M.Ost, PGCE, BA  and former clinical tutor in cause-oriented Osteopathy, University of Witten-Herdecke, Germany 



Osteopaths commonly treat: 

- Birth trauma 

- Pain and discomfort in joints

 incl. shoulders, hips, knees and smaller joints

- Back pain

- Neck pain

- Digestive problems

- Sciatica

- Arthritis 

- Headaches 

- Stress &

anxiety related body tensions

Osteopathic treatment can be particularly helpful during times of change and transition, where the body takes the brunt. 

Joint Pain


My passion for this work is that it is holistic, refined and sees the interconnections between body systems. I take a cause oriented treatment approach working on the intersection between the musculoskeletal system and the visceral system. Using my hands and specific movement tests, I read where the body is restricted and out of balance, which informs the diagnosis and treatment. 

My passion for osteopathy led me to complete two Osteopathy Master degrees at universities in London and Hamburg (5 years total), where I also pursued specialised training in paediatric osteopathy. While working in a busy children's clinic in Hamburg, I delved deeper into the roots of osteopathy, by joining a course in cause oriented osteopathy at the University of Witten-Herdecke, Germany, where I became a clinical tutor. 

As a family osteopath, I enjoy treating across age and background. This includes helping babies and children in their development, and offering specialist support for women during pregnancy and menopause. Overall, osteopathy is an art & science that can benefit anyone out of discomfort towards freedom of movement and an enhanced quality of life. 



45 minutes to an hour

£60 for adult patients

£55 for babies and children



Osteopathy is safe and effective for people across age and background. It helps relieve long-standing tensions in the body so you can feel more at ease and move more freely. Whether you are a sportsperson recovering from injury, needing joint pain relief or suffering from work-related muscular tensions, Osteopathy can support your system to come back into balance.



Osteopathy offers support for women though the menstrual cycle and transitions such as pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. Hands-on treatments involve assessing where the body is most at distress to help it back into balance. One of the major changes a woman goes through is preparing for carrying a child. Treatments can hugely benefit women through pregnancy and help her recover post-partum. Similarly, later on in life, when big hormonal changes are on the menu, hands-on treatment can help release some of the tensions that build up in the body's visceral and musculoskeletal systems from the 
chemical and emotional challenges.

Tiny Feet


Osteopathic treatments can be of great help for little ones to help them recover from birth trauma and support them in their growth and development. This can include, releasing compressions around the head through cranial osteopathy and loosening tensions in the neck and ribs to aid suckling and digestion. Treatments can also help through growth spurts, where the body can sometimes be in discomfort as it tries to adapt. The beauty of osteopathic treatment is that it can help children feel understood, particularly when they are very small and cannot communicate why they might be in distress. As they get older, it not only helps them find greater comfort for play but also allows them to feel more connected to their body as they transition into teenagehood and the next stages in life.


COVID-19 Protocol to keep the clinic safe & accessible

In line with other health professionals, current protocols are followed for face-to-face appointments. Face masks are worn and anti-viral hand gel is provided. Between each appointment there are gaps where everything is cleaned and sanitised. 

Since I am not currently operating a waiting room, I ask patients to arrive at the time of the appointment. Should you have COVID symptoms, please reschedule your appointment.

Cancellation policy: 48 hours notice. 

Thank you! 



Tuesday: 1pm - 6pm

Wednesday: 11am - 1pm

Thursday: 1pm - 8pm

Friday: 11am - 1pm



Rosie Waygood Osteopathy
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