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A warm welcome to Rosie Waygood, MSc Ost, M.Ost, a registered Osteopath in Oxford. Rosie offers hands-on treatments to ease the body out of discomfort and tension. Her approach is truly holistic. Her understanding of how the musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial systems connect help her identify causes of blockages in the body. 

Rosie specialises in:

Structural osteopathy which focuses on the musculoskeletal system, easing muscle pain, joint problems and tension in the spine

Cranial osteopathy which gently releases tensions around the skull, helping headaches and babies recover from birth trauma  

Visceral osteopathy also known as visceral manipulation, which loosens restrictions around the organs in the chest, abdomen and pelvis. 

Rosie sees all members of society across the ages. This includes: paediatric osteopathy for babies and children and osteopathy for women's health (menstrual problems, menopause, pregnancy and post-partum recovery).

Rosie's approach is:

Gentle, in-depth and thorough. She provides a warm, calm environment where patients feel supported through testing, diagnosis and treatment. 

Osteopathy as a whole:

Osteopathy is about removing physical stressors so the body can move more freely.  Osteopaths are skilled, regulated professionals that take a case history, perform tests and then offer holistic treatment using gentle, in-depth release techniques, massage, mobilisation & joint manipulations.


Treatment sessions are 45 mins to one hour

Treatment price: £70

£65 for babies & children


Mon-Thurs: 63 Warwick Street, Oxford OX4 1SZ

Fri: Bonn Square Therapy Room, Oxford OX1 1LQ

Rosie Waygood, MSc Ost., M.Ost, PGCE, BA and former clinical tutor in cause-oriented Osteopathy, University of Witten-Herdecke, Germany 

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"I've been seeing Rosie on a regular basis since early March 2022 for help with acute lower back and leg pain. Her expert knowledge and technique provided relief from the first session. In addition, her holistic approach, advice and sensitively probing questions highlighted previously unrecognised problem areas, and have given me a greater understanding of ways to achieve more general well-being in the long term.

Rosie is an excellent practitioner on every level, and I couldn't recommend her more highly."

Barbara Mercer

"Rosie is the fifth osteopath I've seen in the past 15 years of moving around, but the first visceral osteopath. Her approach and technique worked very well for me and, arguably, was one of the best tuned to my needs.

Specifically, she helped resolve the short term acute pain that was the reason I sought her out in the first place and also then moved onto more regular maintenance to alleviate and address repeating issues caused by my work and other life stresses.

I would continue with further appointments if only I were still in Oxford. I highly recommend her approach, technique and effectiveness without hesitation."

Paul Marshall

"I had three sessions with Rosie, who had been recommended to me by my dentist, to help with jaw clenching issues. I had never been to an ostepath before and was a bit anxious, but she was able to put me at ease within minutes.

Her practice of osteopathy is very thorough and gentle (there was no "you will now hear a large crack" moment), and the initial sessions have been very effective. Thank you Rosie!"


Vincent Brulis

"Rosie has done a wonderful job treating me during my pregancy for my back issues and after my pregnancy to aide post partum healing and my wrist problems. She also treated my baby with cranial and visceral osteopathy helping her digestion and cranial tensions.

Her treatments are extremely attuned to her patients body and needs, I highly recommend!"

Zahara Bauer

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Rosie commonly treats: 

- Birth trauma 

- Arthritis & Joint pain

e.g. shoulders, hips, knees and smaller joints

- Back pain

- Neck pain

- Chest tightness

- Diaphragm tension

- Digestive problems

- Pelvic pain 

- Sciatica 

- Headaches 

- Stress-related body tensions

Osteopathic treatment can be particularly helpful during times of transition when the body takes the brunt. 

Joint Pain
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I come from a vibrant family of healers from the fields of Psychotherapy and Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine. My passion for the Osteopathic profession is rooted in its hands-on approach, working with the living anatomy: the home of our Physiology, Psychology and Emotions. In search for the core of Osteopathy, I went on a long journey training across three osteopathic institutions. Learning from different schools allowed me to see the bigger picture. Osteopathy considers the body as an interconnected organism with the nervous system at its core (Beuckles 2018). Osteopathic thinking requires an analysis of how different body systems affect one another. It challenges the practitioner to look for the cause of pain and dysfunction. 

Eager to learn both the British and European approaches, I completed a four-year integrated Master's in London. I then went on to do an MSc in Hamburg, which opened the doors for me to study paediatric osteopathy working alongside Sabine Hansen in her busy family practice. We offered treatments to babies and children to ease them out of discomfort and help them in their developmental growth. 

Working in practices in London, Hamburg and Belgium gave me great insight into this healing profession. However, what connected the dots for me was joining a third training program alongside Prof. Dr Beuckles who runs a three year part-time course in Osteopathic Medicine at the University of Witten-Herdecke, Germany. Here I became an assistant practitioner and clinical tutor. His guidance took me deep into the finesse of touch and sensing. We were led into the art & science of the profession: how to thoroughly test the body, read the spine and peripheral tissues and identify the causes for a patient's symptoms.

I love integrated healing approaches. Osteopathy is hands-on, and the approach I take focuses on the whole body: the musculoskeletal, cranial and organ systems where tensions can build up and eventually cause discomfort such as back or neck pain. With skilled, therapeutic touch one can help everyone into a greater sense of freedom and an enhanced quality of life.  

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Osteopathy is safe and effective for people across age and background. It helps relieve long-standing tensions in the body so you can feel more at ease and move more freely. Whether you are recovering from injury, needing joint pain relief or suffering from physical tensions and restrictions, Osteopathy can support your system to come back into balance.



Osteopathy can support women and gender neutral people who were assigned female at birth through the menstrual cycle and menopause. It can also help the body adapt to pregnancy and recover post-partum. Hands-on treatments involve assessing where the body is holding tension. By releasing these, a sense of freedom and lightness can be felt, supporting free-flowing blood and energy circulation.

Tiny Feet


Osteopathic treatments can help little ones recover from birth trauma. This can include releasing compressions around the head through cranial osteopathy and loosening tensions in the neck, ribs and digestive system. Hands-on treatment can help children feel understood, ease their discomforts and help them through growth spurts where the body often takes the brunt - in babyhood, childhood as well as in teenage years. 

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Clinic Info

Payments can be made by cash or card on the day. 

Timing: please arrive for the time of the appointment since there is no waiting room.

Parking: Free parking is available on Warwick Street.

Cancellation: I request 24 hours notice for cancellation otherwise the full fee is payable. 

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Monday: 10am - 6pm

Tuesday: 10am - 12pm

Wednesdays: (closed)

Thursday: 10am - 6pm

Friday: 10am - 2pm

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Rosie Waygood Osteopathy
63 Warwick Street, Oxford, Iffley Fields, OX4 1SZ

+44 (0)7399 358080

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Happy Organ, Happy Life: Rosie and Peter talk about Organs and Osteopathy - the Stomach, the Bladder, the Liver, the Gut and more (see link below).

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